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Would it be marvelous if all accounting and finance sector services flourish available in the same address – Yes, in Tilipussi we have specialized in tailor-made packages for Small and Medium-sized companies. As a small and agile player with great professionals´ networks, we are able to meet customers’ needs the optimal way and in multiple areas.

Accounting. When Your company needs all the statutory book keeping activities. You can count Your interests comes first, meantime remembering the compliance with the latest tax legislation. We are already capable to act as paperless office, so all Your material can be delivered to us electronically. Just inform us which mobile app You like to use – saving time and money for us all! 

Real estate management. Our customers consist of tens of satisfied housing companies in the Oulu region. Thanks to technical knowledge of our staff, we are able to perform all actions aimed at property management, maintenance and expansion of value. Current accelerating housing technicality really puts pressure on hosting and successful finance management. Thanks to our technical expertise, we have saved our clients significant time and money by making the right choices in house networks digitization projects and large-scale renovation projects, just to mention a few.

Financial Management. When Your company needs to enhance business partnering to reach ultimate cost-effectiveness, outsourcing is really viable solution. Just leave financial management out of Your company´s core activities and feel relaxed – renting our ”Part-time CFO” pro could be the best solution.

Law consultancy. Mergers and acquisitions, changes in legal form or company´s generation changes – just contact with us. If we happen to have shortage of skills in the most complicated legal issues of Your needs, our reliable legalized partners are available to support and certainly with fair compensation. Those pros have learned over the years together with us the mutual win-win situation for good ♥.

The financial and project preparations. We assist in preparing for the acquisition of new capital, whether You are going to the bank, investor, Finnish ELY Centre or Business Finland to talk to. Our people have gained experience in EU-project preparations! What if Your company joins into big EU-development consortium and get funding up to 75% of the expences? 

One possible source of funds.


Payroll. At least the following functions are available:

Statistics maintenance, Wage settlements and payment, Agency Notices tax authorities and insurance, Preparation and processing of applications, Managerial Accounting, HR Services.

Contracts of Employment Planning, Collective Design, Staff Handbooks, Reportage, Data Mining of payroll.

Customized tables, Hour Bib Design, Coordination of the customer’s own systems for payroll meaning the utilization of customers data.

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One challenging renovation target..

Building construction. Are You planning a renovation of the apartment complex or single-family homes? Need for assistance in the design and implementation of the renovation? We have carefully selected partners for You to utilize and in affordable price. By our own experience we can analyze the technical requirements of the projects and make the best choices to select the implementing people themselves.  Nowadays it is especially worth to rely on professional judgment. And we have it.

IT consulting, implementation of social media and web pages. We are passionate in the introduction of new technologies and their full exploitation into use. We have webmasters and social media gurus that will help You to manage the Internet wonderland. Google Adwords, Facebook and YouTube advertising are in our repertoire too. Such a small stake can get great results!

Tilipussi keeps you all away from every accounting troubles and boosts your business. Tilipussi has helped wide variety of companies  over 35 yrs to struggle in taxation battles and found the solutions to better business. C’mon join the movement!

We always do our work so that You get to focus on your business – wonderfully carefree ♥

Please give us a call or message. Let us start to Take Care Your Business Personally!

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